Saeco Italian Style is Here

Welcome Saeco Coffee Machines!

Here at Evoca, we’re known as the home of out of home coffee machines. So to enhance the range further we’ve now added Saeco coffee machines too. Saeco perfectly complements our Necta and Gaggia Milano brands. As a result, we can now respond to the needs of many more end user locations. Their size, style and value for money are just some of the reasons you should consider a Saeco machine for your next purchase.

Saeco designs coffee machines that meet the needs of differing tastes and lifestyles, and has been since 1981. Today Saeco is one of Evoca’s core brands.

Why Saeco?

The UK needs compact machines and Saeco’s table top coffee machines are the perfect size for this. They are also fitted with milk foaming systems that meet our preference for coffees that are prepared with fresh milk.

Saeco Bean to Cup Coffee Machines
Meeting rooms, reception areas, salons, boutiques and showrooms: just some of the locations where a Saeco machine is perfectly at home. Throw into the mix the new concept of an office “bubble” – with smaller teams that mingle less frequently comes the need for machines to be placed in more locations around the building. Not to mention those offices with a just a small kitchenette for staff to use. The Saeco range has been designed to sit comfortably on a worktop, even fitting snugly underneath any wall mounted units. Small yet perfectly formed – a phrase that applies perfectly to these machines.

Capsule or Bean Coffee?

There are five machines in total: three bean to cup machines (Aulika Evo Top, Royal and Lirika), plus two capsule machines (Area and Onda). This gives end users the flexibility to choose their ingredient type to suit their particular environment.

Saeco Capsule Coffee MachinesCapsule machines are extremely convenient for smaller volume locations. Both the Area and Onda machines are compatible with the ever popular Nespresso pods. In addition, the Area is also available in a version that is compatible with Nespresso Pro capsules.

Tank or Mains Water Machines?

Removable water tanks across the range give added flexibility in choosing where to site the machine. Saeco machines can be placed anywhere as there is no direct water connection. With a re-fillable tank, there is no need for plumbing into the water supply or restricting them to the kitchen. It’s possible to have several machines in an office, if that can help with distancing between bubbles. If necessary, it is easy to move the machines to a new location. There is also the option of mains water supply connection on the Aulika Evo and Area.

Find Out More about Saeco Coffee Machines

In built elegance sits at the heart of the Saeco range – simple capacitive touch buttons, photorealistic icons, and Italian styling. Saeco coffee machines look good in any setting, create a great tasting drink, are technically reliable, and offer superb value for money.

To find out more, why not arrange to come and see them in our showroom? Use the form below to check availability. Alternatively, visit the Saeco website or download any of the UK brochures here: