Grounds For Improvement?

Grounds for improvement? If you habitually throw away coffee grounds and think nothing of it, read on…

Remember the old saying, ‘waste not; want not’? For decades, society lost sight of that simple aphorism. But, with a nod towards today’s renewed war on waste and pollution, we thought we’d share with you some tips on getting creative with your used coffee grounds.

Rather than chucking them in the kitchen bin, swirling them down the sink or composting them, (which is not a bad idea, btw), why not try out some new ways to unlock the power of coffee – even after you’ve drunk the drink?Here are Eight Genius Hacks that are sure to impress family, friends and work colleagues…

  1.  Grounds for improvement?
    Grounds for improvement?

    Food Odour Neutraliser – Ever opened your fridge and been hit by a terrible pen and ink? Try putting coffee grounds in there, in an open container. What’s more, if you’ve been cooking with garlic or onions, try rubbing coffee grounds into your hands. It works!

  2. Garden Fertilizer – Mixed with grass and dried leaves, coffee grounds become a brilliant natural fertilizer, which – of course – costs nothing. The ‘science bit’ is that coffee grounds add nitrogen and potassium to your garden topsoil, increasing the magnesium content that helps your plants to thrive. Who knew?!
  3.  Grounds for improvement?
    Grounds for improvement?

    Beauty and Well-Being – Here’s a great idea for a Christmas joke to play on your make-up using Significant Other. Buy a little gift box from the Pound Shop, line it with foil and fill it with compressed coffee grounds. Hey presto, you’ve got an ideal stocking filler. Mixed with water and natural oil, it’s the perfect exfoliator. Alternatively, mix 2 tbs of coffee with 2 tbs cocoa, 3 tbs of whole milk and one of honey and you’ve got a rejuvenating facial antioxidant. You’re loved one can also rub your generous gift into his or her hair before shampooing, to restore a natural, healthy shine. (A word of advice: we recommend that you have another gift handy that you can present after this one has been opened).

  4. Cleaning the Fireplace – If you’ve got a log burner and you’re fed up with ashes getting everywhere when you clean it out, just sprinkle coffee grounds on the ashes before you start. It dampens things down and stops that pesky cloud of muck from forming – and then landing on your beige velour sofa. (Oops)
  5. The Washer Up’s Friend – If your pots and pans are encrusted with baked-on food, don’t scratch them clean with that weapons-grade metal scourer you keep under the sink! Instead, simply rub coffee grounds on the malevolent muck and watch, amazed, as it disappears – without scratching!
  6.  Grounds for improvement?
    Grounds for improvement?

    Furniture Renovation – If you’ve got a scratch that’s ruining an item of wooden furniture, fear not: it can be fixed. Make a thick dough of coffee grounds and water, then rub it hard on the scratch, using a cotton bud. Wait for ten minutes, wipe away with a cotton cloth and then polish until the filler turns the same colour as the scratch and – adbracadabra – the scratch is gone: Just like that!

  7. Pet Care­ – One thing’s for sure: fleas don’t like coffee. Coffee grounds are often used on dogs as natural, non-aggressive flea repellents and what’s more, rubbing you pet’s fur after shampooing helps his coat to remain shinier and softer.
  8. Garden Pest Repellent – Hard as it is to believe, not all of God’s creatures love coffee. In fact, insects and pests find them – quite literally – repellent! Just distribute a handful around your plants to keep snails, ants and bugs at bay.

So, there you have it. You can do a lot more than you imagined with your coffee grounds

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Grounds For Improvement?

Grounds For Improvement?

Grounds For Improvement?