The Brand New Krea Touch: It’s Out There!

Newsflash! See The Amazing Krea Touch At Vendex North, 13 November


Yes, we know. In the bad old days, we’d make a song and dance about a new, all-singing-all-dancing machine and then – horror of horrors – it would fail to turn up on time. Nett result? Disgruntled customers and, to be honest, disgruntled staff, tWell, dear reader, not any longer. The new Krea Touch from Necta, whose arrival we heralded just before Christmas, is here. In fact, it’s not only ‘here’, it’s ‘out there’: it’s been delivered to the first tranche of customers who asked for one to go in their showroom and it’s already turning heads; just as we promised it would. (That’s it in the main image in situ, on the left alongside the Necta Kalea and the Wittenborg 9100).

Out there: the brand-new Krea Touch from Necta

And why not? If you’ve been on the look-out for an appealing, high-tech coffee solution – at an exceptionally competitive price – then the brand-new Necta Krea Touch, from EVOCA may well be what you’ve been searching for.

The first thing you’ll see is that this is one seriously attractive machine with a cool, contemporary appearance that’s created by a subtle fusion of decorative lighting, chrome frames and black gloss surfaces. You can’t look at it without having the urge to touch it and use it, which means of course that it has more potential than most to increase your beverage sales…

A spacious drinks delivery area consolidates the up-market HoReCa feel of Krea Touch. It reinforces the consumer’s first impression – that the drinks on offer are genuinely top quality – thereby allowing operators to command premium prices. What’s more, its attractive, user-friendly interface ensures consumers enjoy a particularly pleasant purchasing experience, time after time. With Krea Touch they’ll be back for more; that’s for sure.

The wide touch screen can present a comprehensive drinks menu and it facilitates easy branding and customisation, not to mention recipe and video management.

Krea Touch
Krea Touch interface

Krea Touch is compatible with all current payment systems, so it can be assimilated easily into your existing product portfolio. Better yet, both the machine’s hardware and its software are the same as those that have performed so faultlessly in the Wittenborg 9100, so no steep learning curve for you – or your field engineers.

So, if you don’t have a Krea Touch in your showroom yet, give us a call and let’s see if we can’t put that right. It’s the perfect excuse to invite your customers over for a coffee…