Gaggia: A New Range Steeped In History

In 1930s Milan, one man achieved the quest to create the perfect espresso. Achille Gaggia’s perseverance launched one of Italy’s most iconic brands. His patent allowed us to experience an espresso with its “crema” for the very first time.

In the 1950s and 60s, Gaggia coffee machines were found in high street coffee bars throughout the UK, part of an emerging and vibrant youth culture that aspired to a cosmopolitan lifestyle.

The Gaggia Milano Name Returns!

Now we are excited to bring the Gaggia name back to the UK with a professional product range that is perfectly suited to the needs of a contemporary audience.

While today’s range evokes a bygone era, the features of each machine have been conceived with the modern barista in mind. Each machine allows the barista to use their skill to craft a beverage that perfectly meets their expectations in terms of flavour profile. State of the art technology, and an ergonomic layout feature in all the machines to ensure that they can also be operated efficiently.

The New Professional Coffee Machine Range

The latest Gaggia Milano professional coffee machines bear all the hallmarks that are an essential part of Gaggia’s heritage: Italian style, state of the art features, and uncompromising value for money.

La Reale: This regal machine sets the standard for all professional coffee machines. Incorporating all the features a barista knows they need, plus many more, La Reale reflects the passion for coffee that Italy is renowned for.

La Guista: Coffee professionals will appreciate the bright and fresh looks of La Giusta, knowing that it will grace any environment. It justly merits its place representing the history of the iconic Gaggia brand.

La Decisa and La Precisa: Helping you take a bold and decisive step into the traditional espresso machine range, La Decisa perfectly embodies our history, and epitomises the values of the Gaggia Milano brand.

La Radiosa: La Radiosa shines brightly within the range, taking a bold step into the world of automatic coffee machines, while offering the full barista-style coffee experience.

Today, the range allows café owners, baristas and everyone in the hospitality sector to enjoy the espresso experience that Achille Gaggia would be proud of.

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