Canto Touch: Now It’s In Black, Its Appearance Is A Genuine Reflection Of Its Excellence

You spoke, and we listened: ‘The Canto Touch is great, you said, ‘I only wish that it came in black…’

Well, now it does.

The effect is somehow more than you’d expect from a simple change of colour. The original Silver Machine was, in its way, a great looking unit – but there were elements of it that, seen up close, detracted from its beauty: surfaces that didn’t quite match, textures that somehow contradicted each other. These anomalies have gone in the re-born, all-black Canto Touch.

Remember just a few years ago when buying a car, you could choose to specify a ‘full body kit’, which meant that the door handles, the bumpers and the trim were all the same colour? The effect was amazing and it’s the equivalent of what we’ve done with the Canto Touch.

Having said that, beauty is not skin deep. The new interface on the Canto Touch is the bees-knees. The selection area is equipped with a 21.5” HD touch screen that delivers unprecedented clarity. The drinks menu is visual: large, customisable product icons offer clear, intuitive directions that allow the user to arrive at his or her desired drink without delay.

In short:

  • We’ve increased screen dimensions from ‘pop-up’ to full screen
  • There’s a brand-new graphic for pre-selections
  • There’s a new ‘no sugar’ button
  • Nutritional facts are now larger, clearer and they’re accessible via an ‘I’ button
  • The ‘confirm’ and ‘back’ buttons are bigger and brighter.

As an operator, you can (if you wish) link promotional videos and other multi-media content to specific drink selections, and if the machine is installed in a suitable location, you can add crystal-clear digital sound.

To continue the automotive analogy, ‘under the bonnet’ the Canto Touch is equipped with a new electronic platform. N&W’s celebrated Giga Touch software provides the machine’s management and there’s an infra red sensor that responds to movement in front of the machine.

The all-new start-up screen

As for creating delicious drinks, nothing has been left to chance. The new Canto Touch uses the Z4000 espresso brewer with bi-directional movement for a faster vend cycle, or a Sigma fresh-brew brewer. The ‘instant’ version boasts our patented Freemix technology.

Espresso, fresh-brew or instant: whatever you need, the new Canto Touch delivers – Big Time. And now it’s in black, its appearance is a genuine reflection of its excellence.

See it for yourself at AVEX: like us, you’ll be smitten.