Now The Samba’s Over, Let’s Strike Up The Orchestra!

This will be music to your ears: Orchestra, the game-changing replacement for Samba, will be available imminently. You can see it for yourself at Vendex Midlands, but to whet your appetite, here’s a quick heads-up…

Orchestra comes as a real upgrade in a very competitive market sector. The first thing you’ll realise when you see Orchestra is that we’ve been listening to you: this machine comes in black as standard, matching our premium drinks machine.

An important innovation of Orchestra that’s sure to catch your eye is its ‘VisioShop’ trays. Made of transparent material, they’re much brighter than traditional plastic trays, making for a noticeable improvement in the way products are presented.

And that’s not all: the new trays are more durable than ever: they’re perfect to offer for sale a whole range of products that, until now, weren’t suitable for vending machines. Pasta boxes and other ready meals can now be up for grabs, but the same applies to all manner of non-food items. And by the way: the same flexibility means that you’ll be able to offer crisps and chocolate on the same shelf…

The robust construction of VisioShop guarantees durability. The trays can support up to 53 Kg. Moreover, when combined with the Vertical Flex System quick release / coupling feature, VisioShop can easily be repositioned inside the cell. You can switch from 8 to 10 individual selections in just a few simple steps, enabling the accommodation of up to 38 more snack items per tray – and that’s exactly what operators tell us they need, to enable them to extend their offer and attract new customers.

Another innovation we’re sure you’ll welcome is that, whilst Orchestra has the same footprint as Samba and the cabinet size is the same, the depth between the tray and the door is slightly larger, enabling larger products to drop easily.

As you’d expect, Orchestra also adheres to today’s demanding ecological requirements. It delivers best-ever performance in terms of refrigeration standards and extremely energy efficient..

Sounds good, doesn’t it? The clock’s ticking down and the launch is almost upon us!

Meanwhile, take a look at this VisioShop video…