It’s Bye-Bye Lynne, Hello Gemma!

All good things come to an end, and, after 36 years of sterling service, Lynne Holyman is finally calling it a day.

‘I’ve mainly been in sales’, she says. ‘I joined GKN in 1981, when we had an office in Walsall. Then I moved to Bilston as Sales Coordinator, followed by a move into the ‘After Sales’ team and then the Technical office. After that, I moved back into Sales & Marketing, then Customer Service and as you go through, you learn about all the departments.’

Lynne says Goodbye!

Her erstwhile colleagues, Elaine Fraser and Chris Gough remain in our highly respected Customer Service department and we’re delighted to say that they’ll be joined by none other than Gemma Furgusson.

Many customers will doubtless be thinking that Gemma has been with us for ages. After all, she’s been something of a fixture on recent AVEX and Vendex stands.

Gemma says Hello!

However, the truth is that Gemma was only ever a temp and by taking the position Lynne has vacated, she’s becoming a full-timer for the first time.


‘I’ve always felt as though I’m one of the team’, Gemma said, ‘so I’m not sure that becoming a full-time employee will change that. But I must say that it’s great to have the security that comes with a full-time contract of employment.’

We know our customers will want to join with us in wishing Lynne a happy retirement and in welcoming Gemma into the full-time fold.